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Focus on NatureTM: Wildcats of the World

Online Exhibition

An exhibit of contemporary paintings of extraordinary wildcats from around the world. From water-loving wildcats in Southeast Asia to desert-dwellers in North Africa, FOCUS ON NATURE: WILDCATS OF THE WORLD brings much-needed attention to the rich and diverse family of small wildcats, weighing less than 45 pounds, many of which have never been studied in the wild.

Andean mountain cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Andean mountain cat

Using his long, thick tail, the ANDEAN MOUNTAIN CAT (Leopardus jacobita) quickly maneuvers among the rocky, arid habitat high in the Andes of South America. Both diurnal and nocturnal, he hunts large rodents such as viscachas. Weight: 7 - 15 lbs (3 - 7 kg)

Asian golden cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Asian golden cat

The nocturnal ASIAN GOLDEN CAT (Catopuma temmincki) is an opportunistic feeder eating anything from rodents and reptiles to small ungulates such as muntjacs (jungle deer) and water buffalo calves. Scattered populations inhabit tropical, evergreen and deciduous forests from Nepal, China and Southeast Asia into Borneo. Weight: 19 - 33 lbs (8.5 - 15 kg)

Black-footed cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Black-footed cat

Probably the smallest cat on earth, the tenacious, nocturnal BLACK-FOOTED CAT (
Felis nigripes) feeds on spiders and small rodents in the arid grasslands and deserts of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Weight: 2.2 - 5 lbs (1 - 2.4 kg) 

Bornean bay cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Bornean bay cat

Living in varied terrain on the island of Borneo, the BAY CAT (
Catopuma badia) moves about secretly. Therefore, little is known about this elusive, small wildcat. He probably feeds on small mammals, rodents and birds and is terrestrial rather than arboreal. Weight: 4 - 9 lbs (2 - 4 kg)

Chinese mountain cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Chinese mountain cat

Largely undiscovered, the elusive CHINESE MOUNTAIN CAT (
Felis bieti) inhabits high-elevation steppe grasslands around 10,560 feet (3,200 meters) in the central Tibetan Plateau in China. Living in a harsh climate, this cunning predator hunts pikas, rodents and birds during the early morning and evening. Weight: 9 - 17.6 lbs (4 - 8 kg)

Clouded leopard painting by Rochelle Mason
Clouded leopard

The solitary CLOUDED LEOPARD (
Neofelis nebulosa) blends well into the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. His long tail aids in balance while climbing and descending trees in order to hunt prey such as monkeys, small deer, rodents and fish. Weight 24 - 55 lbs (11 - 25 kg)

Fishing cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Fishing cat

The fierce, solitary FISHING CAT (
Prionailurus viverrina) lives in the wetland habitats of India and Southeast Asia. An adept swimmer, he preys mainly on fish in addition to amphibians and small mammals. Weight 13 - 26 lbs (6 - 122 kg)

Flat-headed cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Flat-headed cat

Small ears, elongated muzzle, short legs and a little rudder-like tail help the FLAT-HEADED CAT (
Prionailurus planiceps) catch fish, which predominates his diet. This civet-like cat lives in lowland jungles and forests near rivers in Southeast Asia. Weight: 3.3 - 5 lbs (1.5 - 2.2 kg)

Guigna painting by Rochelle Mason

An excellent tree climber, the tiny GUIGNA (
Oncifelis guigna), pronounced gween ya, feeds on small prey including insects, reptiles and birds in the temperate forests of southern Argentina and Chile. Weight 4.4 - 7 lbs (2 - 3 kg)

Iberian lynx painting by Rochelle Mason
Iberian lynx

The highly endangered IBERIAN LYNX (
Lynx pardinus) feeds on European rabbits, if they're available. Otherwise, small mammals, rodents and birds must suffice. Small pockets of isolated woodlands and mountainous scrub in southern Spain provide habitat for this handsome wildcat. Weight 19 - 32 lbs (8.7 - 14.5 kg)

Jaguar painting by Rochelle Mason

The heavily-built, solitary JAGUAR (
Panthera onca) lives among dense, riparian vegetation and in rain forests in Mexico, Central and South America. He uses stealth and power to overcome large prey, such as peccaries, in a single bound. Weight: males 121 lbs (55 kg), females 79 lbs (36 kg)

Jungle cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Jungle cat

The cat most likely depicted in ancient Egyptian art, the JUNGLE CAT (
Felis chaus) inhabits reed beds, moist grasslands, swamps and agricultural croplands. Ranging from Egypt through to Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka, this adaptable wildcat has an appetite for rodents, small mammals, birds and amphibians. Weight 7 - 15 lbs (3 - 7 kg)

Marbled cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Marbled cat

The round-headed MARBLED CAT (
Pardofelis marmorata) lives predominantly in tropical forests from Nepal through Southeast Asia into Sumatra and Borneo. Using a long, bushy tail for balance, he hunts birds in the trees and supplements this diet with frogs, lizards and rodents. Weight: 4 - 12 lbs (2 - 5.5 kg)

Margays painting by Rochelle Mason

Large brown eyes characterize the nocturnal, spotted MARGAY (
Leopardus wiedi). A long tail helps him maintain balance as he moves about the trees hunting monkeys, sloths, squirrels, birds and tree-dwelling rodents. The margay lives in the tropical evergreen and deciduous forests of Central and South America. Weight: 9 - 20 lbs (4 - 9 kg)

Pallas' cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Pallas' cat

The woolly PALLAS' CAT (
Otocolobus manul) is well-insulated for the high-elevation habitats of Central Asia. In the evening, he emerges from his protective burrow and uses his large, low-set ears to listen for tasty rodents and birds. Weight: 7 - 11 lbs (3 - 5 kg)

Pampas cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Pampas cat

Several different coat patterns belong to the PAMPAS CAT (Leopardus colocolo). Each pattern is unique to the cat's particular habitat which varies from pampas (grasslands) to swamps to dry scrub. This adaptable wildcat ranges from Equador and Brazil south to Patagonia, including the Andes Mountains. Weight: 7 - 15 lbs (3 - 7 kg)

Sand cat painting by Rochelle Mason
Sand cat

The small, solitary SAND CAT (
Felis margarita) inhabits the desert and rocky terrain of northern Africa and the Middle East. At night he hunts prey consisting of rodents, insects and snakes, and sleeps in burrows during the day. Weight: 4 - 8 lbs (2 - 3.4 kg)

Tiger painting by Rochelle Mason

The nocturnal, solitary TIGER (
Panthera tigris) uses sight and sound to ambush prey consisting mostly of large mammals. The five remaining subspecies inhabit snowy terrain, forests, grasslands and swamps from Siberia and India into Southeast Asia. Weight: 145 - 660 lbs (66 - 300 kg)